My good friend Rofizan aka Peeps…

..sent a text message to me that in Parkson Grand, Alamanda branch had the 2009 Star Wars Legacy Collection action figures. Being a true blue Star Wars fan, Peeps bought the Sand Trooper action figure to add to his fine collection and asked me whether I would be interested in any of the action figures. Naturally I said yes and replied to him whether there is the 501st Clone Trooper as seen in the Revenge of the Sith and you know what, Peeps said “Yes got, I buy for you lah”. I was jumping for joy and after work rushed to his office in Bangi, paid him the RM39.90 and thanked him for being a nice bloke that he is.

501st Clone Trooper

501st Clone Trooper

What I truly love of this 501st Clone Trooper action figure is the addition of weathering or worn/battle damage marks especially on the helmet and on the shoulder pads as shown in the below images.





Boy oh boy, Peeps old buddy, you da da man…Thanks mate !!!

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