I heard an Echo……

On Saturday at home, I was working on some office stuff which is and will forever follow me where ever I will be.  I was working with breaks in between and hadn’t notice the clock was shown 7.00pm. So I stopped and said to myself to just continue tomorrow and decided to bring the kids plus the maid to Putrajaya Alamanda since that’s the closest shopping mall which has plenty of space for my two kids to run around.

Naturally my two kids always love to go to the Toys department of Parkson Grandson (well I love it as well) to have a look at the toys which they always want either the parents to buy for them. But this time, I decided to buy something for myself and yes it’s a Star Wars action figure to add to my fine collection. And yes you’ve guessed it, is has to be a Clone Trooper action figure from either the Star Wars Clone Wars or Star Wars Legacy Collection series.

Surprisingly the Toy department of Parkson Grand has on their display shelve, the 2009 Star Wars action figures and I was gleeming with joy as there was Clone Trooper Echo and an ARC Clone Trooper begging me to buy them.  I desparately wanted to buy both but since my wife was kinda giving me that “Aiyah…you so old and still wanna play with dolls ah!!!” look I decided to only buy Clone Trooper Echo because..

1. It comes with them binoculars attached to their helmets (which the helmet is removable)

2. It comes with them “don’t know what gun is called but it sure is big” gun

3. There’s a smear of Captain Rex’s palm print onto Echo’s body armour.





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One thought on “I heard an Echo……

  1. peeps says:

    wah…i think this one just arrived at parkson. it wasnt there when i went and got our trooper. nice!!

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