BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there it is!!!!!!!

After my boss’s birthday dinner held in Bintang Royale Hotel in Damansara, I decided to head to 1Utama shopping complex to walk off all that food and to do some window shopping (baru dapat gaji mah…hahahaha). Anyway I am never a fan of window shopping because it’s something that I don’t really enjoy doing.  I mean what’s the point of ogling at items you don’t have any intentions to buy ? Unless…. it’s a Star Wars action figures!!! hahaha…so I headed on to Toys R Us to see what new figures Hasbro has in store for me and you know what?

BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..there it is..another Star Wars action figure to add to my fine collection..hahahahaha…man being a Star Wars freak and fanatic I couldn’t resist not to snap this action figure up. I bought the ARF Trooper which I also saw at the Toy Department of Parkson Grand, Alamanda. Man, talk about coincidence!!!.





What I notice about this action figure is the articulation on both legs. Normally most Hasbro Star Wars action figure legs especially at the hip joint are fixed – meaning the movement is very restrictive. But for some reason, Hasbro decided to add extra articulation at the hips which means the entire legs – not the lower leg can pivot inwards and outwards. Also both legs can be position away and towards each other and I think it’s done for a particular reason. The ARF Trooper’s new articulation goes well with the AT-RT walker as shown below


The new articulation for this action figure is just super and I wish Hasbro would include this new articulation for all of it’s Star Wars action figures. Kudos to Hasbro..!!!!

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