Guess what the postman delivered…..

….the Star Wars Shock Trooper and Utapau Trooper I bought from an eBay store managed by unlimited8899 !!! ( This fella has a wide range of action figures from the Star Wars and Transformers series and what I really love about this store is the very prompt delivery.  I ordered and paid for the action figures (via paypal to my credit card) on Wednesday and supposed to receive the goods on Friday but since I was at the office I requested them to deliver on Saturday, which is TODAY!!.

The two action figures are loose format pack and was packed in them small air tight plastic bag.  It was not packed together in them fancy packing done by Hasbro. I really don’t mind as I find the Hasbro packaging a bit troublesome to open.

Both action figures though not really new in my opinion but it does look and feel in very mint condition and comes with DC15 blasters. The Shock Trooper action figure and Utapau Clone Trooper costs RM30 and RM35 respectively and it’s way cheaper than what toy retail shops are charging.

The Red colour scheme of the Shock Trooper is really what impressed me the most honestly. It justs looks menacing.  As for the Utapau Clone Trooper, the weather and damage marks all over the body amour looks realistic enough.

The Shock and Utapau Clone Trooper

The Shock and Utapau Clone Trooper




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