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Mid Autumn Festival

With the Autumn season coming soon, Ee Ee’s who is currently homing her artistic skills by attending Art Class from a nearby art school for kids for about 3 months. made a Tang Lung or Lantern to usher in the Mid Autumn festival. She was quite excited by the fact that she made the tang lung all by herself and so was I.

Ee Ee had always shown an interest in drawing and painting when she was around 3 years old.  Just give her a blank piece of paper and a pencil, Ee Ee would  draw almost everything that comes to her mind. We’ve noticed that her drawing and painting skills are getting better since joining the Art class and the tang-lung that she made shows that she enjoys and loves everything about art.


Post CNY Song…

There was a particular video that I recorded of my two munchkins singing CNY song just days before the new lunar year. I should have uploaded into my blog but totally forgot about it until now. What made me laugh was the way my son Wei Han sang the song or shall I say mimic the lyrics. I replay the video so many times because it is just so darn funny the way he kinda pause for a split second at the end of the chorus line.

It’s that time of the year…

Yes folks, Chinese New Year is just around the corner. The current year of the Rat will make year for the year of the Ox.  The CNY preparation is hectic, just like previous years – mostly last minute shopping of new clothes, buying CNY decorative ornaments for the home and angpows to prepare.

My wife had bought new clothes for herself and our two kids and just yesterday at JUSCO Mid Valley, I managed to buy clothes for myself. Nothing fancy, just a new pair of LOIS jeans and a CAMEL brand  collared tee shirt.

Chinese New Year for me had always been another normal day as my mom and dad never done anything grand to usher in the new Lunar year. We’d, my sisters and I just received angpows from our parents and that’s that.

But this time I guess it’s different because I will be celebrating Chinese New Year with my two munchkins,Ee Ee and Wei Han. It’s time for me to hand out Angpows to my two adorable kids and I guess it’s a time for me to reflect what I’ve done.

I’ve always wondered whether I’ve done enough to give the best to my two kids and of course to my wife. I’ve always wondered whether I am a good Father and a loving Husband. I am constantly wondering about the future of my kids and my wife. I am constantly wondering about whether I’ll be still employed. I am constantly wondering whether I’ve done my best as an IT Manager for the company I work for. I wonder whether the company we I went for a job interview will call me and say “Mr.Chin – when can you start ?”. I wonder whether current global recession will ever stop. I wonder how low can the Oil prices go  as current it’s hovering around USD36 per barrel. I wonder when will there be absolute peace between Palestine and Israel. At times I even wonder whether there’s life after death.Yes folks , I am forever wondering about things – about life.

Sigh….all this wondering is making me a worry pot . Maybe I should stop wondering eh…and so I should stop worrying about things which I have no control of and would like to wish you



I, me wife, Ee Ee and Wei Han would like to…

take this opportunity to wish each and everyone of you a



..and try not to eat too much candy cane will ya ?  😉

Selamat Hari Raya!!!

I would like to take this opportunity to all my Muslim friends a



Having fun under the sun…

Just came back from a two day one night holiday trip in Port Dickson with my kids, wife and mother-in-law. Our stay at the Avillion Beach Resort Port Dickson was absolutely great.  Though our holiday was quite short, my two munchkins had a blast playing endlessly on the beach and in the kiddie pool in the beach resort, so much so that both of them did not want to go back!!! I don’t blame theme either since the weather, though hot wasn’t that humid was great plus there was so much activities in the beach resort to keep them occupied.

I have two gripes about this beach resort i.e the car park facilities and the food. The parking for guests is somewhat absurd as the parking lot is located on the other side of the road. One has to cross the busy road to get back to the hotel lobby. The food kinda sucked especially dinner. The buffet style dinner was quite appalling –  very limited buffet spread , not tasty and at RM68++ per head, it wasn’t value for my money. Same goes for breakfast, very little to choose from but since it’s part of the package, I can’t complain.

Overall I enjoyed myself and so to my two little munchkins, my wife and my mother-in-law and oh, managed to take some photos…

CNY gathering at my Brother In-Law’s house

What a week I had during the Chinese New Year festive holidays. I took extra 4 days after the gazetted 2 day public holidays to usher in the new Lunar year. Surprisingly I didn’t consume much beer, CNY cookies, oranges and other goodies as for some reason, I wasn’t feeling all that well. Doctor said it was due to excess wind in my stomach and gave me some medicine to ease the discomfort. It did help but I notice my appetite for food has decreased tremendously. Sick or not, I had the opportunity to take pictures of my family, of course, when we visited my brother-in-laws house. Most of the relatives where there as well but I couldn’t remember their names. Perhaps the medicine had a profound affect on my brain cells.

Below are some photos at my brother-in-laws house

Ee Ee sitting in a corner

Wei Han smiling for the camera

My brother-in-laws son, my nephew, Kayden.

My cousin-in-laws daughter…the oh so adorable Wei Jin. She has a natural ability to smile perfectly in front of the camera. Really photogenic Wei Jin is.

Group photo of the kids….

And finally one of my favorite photos…

“Mama…can I finish the beer for you ? Pretty please mama.”