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Mid Autumn Festival

With the Autumn season coming soon, Ee Ee’s who is currently homing her artistic skills by attending Art Class from a nearby art school for kids for about 3 months. made a Tang Lung or Lantern to usher in the Mid Autumn festival. She was quite excited by the fact that she made the tang lung all by herself and so was I.

Ee Ee had always shown an interest in drawing and painting when she was around 3 years old.  Just give her a blank piece of paper and a pencil, Ee Ee would  draw almost everything that comes to her mind. We’ve noticed that her drawing and painting skills are getting better since joining the Art class and the tang-lung that she made shows that she enjoys and loves everything about art.


I Am Number One…

…yes indeed !!! My daughter Kimberly had participated in her annual kindergarten sports day and she and her mates won the “pass-the-ball-thru-the-leg” event. Now I know for certain this type of event won’t ever make it to the Olympics but I am very proud of her nonetheless as she and her classmates did their utmost best to win the event.

Kimberly, I am very proud of you and you deserve to be Number One..

I am the undisputed number one...

I am the undisputed number one...

Post CNY Song…

There was a particular video that I recorded of my two munchkins singing CNY song just days before the new lunar year. I should have uploaded into my blog but totally forgot about it until now. What made me laugh was the way my son Wei Han sang the song or shall I say mimic the lyrics. I replay the video so many times because it is just so darn funny the way he kinda pause for a split second at the end of the chorus line.

It’s that time of the year…

Yes folks, Chinese New Year is just around the corner. The current year of the Rat will make year for the year of the Ox.  The CNY preparation is hectic, just like previous years – mostly last minute shopping of new clothes, buying CNY decorative ornaments for the home and angpows to prepare.

My wife had bought new clothes for herself and our two kids and just yesterday at JUSCO Mid Valley, I managed to buy clothes for myself. Nothing fancy, just a new pair of LOIS jeans and a CAMEL brand  collared tee shirt.

Chinese New Year for me had always been another normal day as my mom and dad never done anything grand to usher in the new Lunar year. We’d, my sisters and I just received angpows from our parents and that’s that.

But this time I guess it’s different because I will be celebrating Chinese New Year with my two munchkins,Ee Ee and Wei Han. It’s time for me to hand out Angpows to my two adorable kids and I guess it’s a time for me to reflect what I’ve done.

I’ve always wondered whether I’ve done enough to give the best to my two kids and of course to my wife. I’ve always wondered whether I am a good Father and a loving Husband. I am constantly wondering about the future of my kids and my wife. I am constantly wondering about whether I’ll be still employed. I am constantly wondering whether I’ve done my best as an IT Manager for the company I work for. I wonder whether the company we I went for a job interview will call me and say “Mr.Chin – when can you start ?”. I wonder whether current global recession will ever stop. I wonder how low can the Oil prices go  as current it’s hovering around USD36 per barrel. I wonder when will there be absolute peace between Palestine and Israel. At times I even wonder whether there’s life after death.Yes folks , I am forever wondering about things – about life.

Sigh….all this wondering is making me a worry pot . Maybe I should stop wondering eh…and so I should stop worrying about things which I have no control of and would like to wish you



Happy 5th Birthday to…

my daughter, Ee Ee !!!!!!!!!! . I can’t believe she turned 5 years old on November 2. I mean it’s like she was only a year old yesterday. My oh my kids do grow up pretty fast….

Ee Ee is so anxious to cut and eat the cake - as always...

Ee Ee is so anxious to cut and eat the cake - as always...

Mommy cuts the cake as Ee Ee and Wei Han looks on..

Mommy cuts the cake as Ee Ee and Wei Han looks on..

...and she devours the cake....

...and she devours the cake....

..she sure loves to eat cake...

..she sure loves to eat cake...

After devouring the cake...both of them pretends to look busy...

After devouring the cake...both of them pretends to look busy...


Ee Ee : "I think this one is the self destruct button lah..."

..both of them can't decide which destruct button to press...

Wei Han : "No this one.."

..Wei Han prefers to stand rather than sit on the sofa..

Wei Han prefers to stand on the sofa instead of sitting on the sofa..

.."Aiyah..which of the two power rangers shall I destroy today.."

"Aiyah, I can't decide which of the two power rangers to destroy"

Ee Ee thinks she's 3 years old, Wei Han came close at 4 yrs old and I still wish she was two years old..

Ee Ee thinks she 3 years old, Wei Han came close at 4 yrs old. I wished Ee Ee was still 2 years old..

Papa…I got something for you…

That was what Ee Ee happily said to me as I was just in front of the main door entrance of my mother in laws house about to go in. She was at the dining room area and rushed towards me holding something in her small hands trying her best to conceal it from me. As I stepped through the main door, Ee Ee, wearing the biggest smile I’ve ever seen, dished out the something she was trying her best to conceal it. I took a look and couldn’t contain my surprise. My heart just totally melted.

Ee Ee made me a Father’s Day present. At first I couldn’t decipher or tell what was the present she made for me. So I asked her: –

Me : What is it Ee Ee ?
Ee Ee : It’s orange in colour Papa…and it got err..

Me : I know..its orange in colour..but what is it ?
Ee Ee : Teacher told us to make it for Father Day..

Me : Okay, but what is it ?
Ee Ee : It made of toilet paper….

Me : Is it ?? Hmmm…I didn’t know woh.. 😉

Ee Ee : You like ah Papa ?
Me: Yes I do.. 🙂

Finally I found out that what Ee Ee made for me for Father’s Day is a pencil holder made out of toilet paper roll coloured in bright orange. I just love it like how I love Ee Ee.

So for you father’s out there..


Wah…so big ah this playground!!!!

These were the words which came to my mind when I saw how huge the playground in Taman Tasik Perdana, Kuala Lumpur was.

Last Saturday, I decided to bring my family (Ee Ee and Wei Han, me wife and me maid) to Taman Tasik Perdana, Kuala Lumpur because :-

  1. I was bored to death at home.
  2. Window shopping at shopping complexes ain’t fun anymore.
  3. My kids are playground addicts.
  4. I wanted to polish my photography skills

So off we went, crammed into my budget, compact, city car to Taman Tasik Perdana. The journey took only 30minutes – yep 30 minutes from Kajang to KL – on a weekend some more.

The layout of the playground site was quite impressive to say the least and it was properly thought of and constructed. Each playground site had it’s own theme and each site was either located close by or was linked via a scaled down model of suspension bridge !!! cool !!! There were plenty of tunnel slides (some were shaped at awesome angles), see-saws, swings and what not.

Ee Ee who was being accompanied by my maid rush to the playground, went to all the playground sites and boy was she happy, smiling and laughing all the way. Wei Han was in his element. I mean he literally went bonkers!!!! He couldn’t contain his excitement any longer and wanted to come down from mommy’s arms. And once he was on the ground, he ran like a crazed deranged toddler. Mommy couldn’t catch up with him and neither could I.

Overall, we were happy at least the kids were. Mommy was exhausted as she had to keep up with Wei Han but she was in her element, making sure two kids drank plenty of water, wiping off their sweats….the usual mommy work. I, on the other hand, was simply enjoying every moment with my family. It was so heart-warming to see Ee Ee and Wei Han, running around, playing, laughing – basically having the time of their lives. 🙂

Photos will be uploaded shortly…;)

Ee Ee and the maid rushing towards the playground site.

This playground theme is huge !!!

The mini suspension bridge which connects one playground to another.

The Shoe

Ee Ee making her way to the another playground site

Wei Han can’t decide on which playground he wants..

..and when he did decide, he doesn’t know what to do.. 😉

..after playing under the hot late afternoon sun, it’s time to cool down … 😉