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Gotta be starting something….

…..I just have to pick up where I left off. Stay tuned..


Adidas Original – Star Wars

This has to be the most coolest Adidas commercial ever. Snoop Dogg , Adidas and Star Wars…lethal combo.

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It’s been almost 6 months…

..since I last posted my thoughts, opinions, rants…and ah-hem…star wars action figures…hahaha..

I guess is because due to any or all of the following reason(s)

  1. Too busy at work thinking of how to get the company’s projects running on time
  2. Too busy with Facebook – I gotta tell ya…Zuckenberg’s creation sure is addictive
  3. Too busy worrying about things which is beyond my control
  4. Too busy loving me wife and kids
  5. and last but not least too busy collecting Star Wars action figures…hahahaha

Well, I promise to myself to update my blog of anything under the sun…..soon…err….maybe tomorrow..or err..maybe next month…maybe..

Till then…stay tuned…

Mid Autumn Festival

With the Autumn season coming soon, Ee Ee’s who is currently homing her artistic skills by attending Art Class from a nearby art school for kids for about 3 months. made a Tang Lung or Lantern to usher in the Mid Autumn festival. She was quite excited by the fact that she made the tang lung all by herself and so was I.

Ee Ee had always shown an interest in drawing and painting when she was around 3 years old.  Just give her a blank piece of paper and a pencil, Ee Ee would  draw almost everything that comes to her mind. We’ve noticed that her drawing and painting skills are getting better since joining the Art class and the tang-lung that she made shows that she enjoys and loves everything about art.

Another action figure soon to be added to my..

..fine collection..hahahaha…

Folks at Hasbro will release Commander Bly action figure from The Clone Wars series.!!!!

To know more about this click on

Where were you when the Death Star fell?

Wahahahahaha….watch this video about a couple of Stormtroopers recalling about the destruction of the Death Star and watch the last part is so funny lah wei.

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I have some more…

..Star Wars action figures which I bought from ebay to add to my fine collection. Since Hasbro Malaysia been quite slow in bringing the new 2009 action figures, I’ve decided to venture into other Star Wars action figures not feature in any of the 1st trilogy movie but from the Star Wars Battlefront II game.

I bought the following: –

  1. 501st Clone Trooper Jet Pack
  2. Clone Sharpshooter Trooper (looks exactly like the Airborne Trooper minus the paint scheme)
  3. Commander Bacara (Blue colour)

Of the three I bought, I personally like the 5o1st Clone Trooper because of it’s articulation which is more than the usual action figure as shown in the below images.  The Clone Sharpshooter Trooper is basically an Airborne Trooper minus the orange stripes and deco. But since I am unable to get hold of an Airborne Trooper I will make do with this one. Now the next action figure which is Commander Bacara (in blue colour scheme) action figure is THE MOST BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT !!! His articulation is only limited to shoulders and ankles !!!!!! No articulation at the knees, wrists and elbows !!!!  WTF !!!!!!! The Commander Bacara action figure has got to be a total failure which is a shame as Hasbro has done a very good job on the helmet detailing which is very movie accurate.

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