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Adidas Original – Star Wars

This has to be the most coolest Adidas commercial ever. Snoop Dogg , Adidas and Star Wars…lethal combo.

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…to the Liverpool Football Team, I congratulate each and every one of you for the immaculate display of pure football magic. You tore Manchester United Football team apart into pulp with a score line of 4  – 1.


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Nice one guys…..

….Over the weekend, Liverpool defeated Chelsea 1 – 0 to take top spot of the Barclay’s English Premier League table. The boys from Anfield played very well against an opponent whose players are quite good as well. Furthermore Liverpool were without their star striker, Fernando Torres. Wait till El Torro recovers from his injury and we should be playing even better. Keep it up guys and remember


A sad, sad day for the Reds…

Liverpool lost to AC Milan 2-1 in Athens in the 2007 Champions League Cup Final. I am in shock, I feel numb, I feel devastated. I need sometime to recover from this loss.

That’s all I have to say……….

EPL – Liverpool 3 Tottenham 0

Yeap, that was the result of the EPL match between Liverpool and Tottenham. I was jumping with joy that Liverpool played reasonable well against Tottenham at Anfield. But the most beautiful goal of the game was scored by none other than John Arne Riise. Man, that guy sure has a powerful left foot.

But I wonder why Liverpool didn’t play like that when they played and lost against Chelsea. I have to admit that Chelsea are a better team not because they’ve got great players, i.e Lampard, Terry, Ballack, Essien, Cech and Shevchenko, they play well whether its a home or away game. This is what Liverpool needs to be good at, that is playing well at Home and Away games. They need to be consistent.

Money Can’t Buy Success

Middlesborough 2 Chelsea 1

That was the result of the EPL Match played yesterday at the Riverside. Man I wanted jumped for joy when I heard it over the radio (I was driving to work at that time), but being strapped into my car seat whilst driving on the PLUS Seremban-KL highway to work, I decided not to.

Now I was a perplexed as to how an expensive assembled EPL team like Chelsea can lose dramatically in the last 10 minutes to a team which has a habit of losing a lead is beyond comprehension. I mean Chelsea with a pool of talent footballers can’t beat a team which consists of mainly unwanted footballers past their prime. It goes to show you that money can’t buy success. Determination and the will to will does.


EPL – Damn you Liverpool !!!!

Yeap, its that time of the year where all footies start to focus their attention to the 2006/07 EPL season. Some of us will forgo our weekend nights with our loved ones just to see our favourite EPL team playing on the telly.

I support Liverpool…let me rephrase…I worship Liverpool. But DAMN….how can a top team play so badly against a newly promoted team, Sheffield United, it’s beyond me. The Reds played like school kids..wait even worse…they played like bunch of sisses. I admit that Liverpool deserved to lose and not draw against Sheffield United as they were a better team. Sheffield played with their heart and soul. They played as if it was a do or die mission for them. How I wish Liverpool played like that. Wishfull thinking I guess.

Now Rafa gonna bring in a Dutch striker with a funny surname..Kuyt. How the hell do one pronounce Kuyt ?…should it be pronounced as ‘Koo Yeet’ or ‘Quit’. I have never heard of Kuyt before and I hope that his Dutch striker can score goals the moment he steps onto the football pitch. If not…man Rafa better be packing his bags and go back to Spain.

Chelsea and ManU demolished their opponents during their opening matches. They played with convincing fashion.

DAMN!!!!YOU LIVERPOOL….if you keep on playing like what you played against Sheffield United…you will definitely be walking alone!!!!