About Kimberly


Born on 2nd November 2003, Kimberly Chin Shyn Ee or affectionally known as Ee Ee is the eldest of my two kids. Being the first born, she was always being pampered by her Grandma (Ah Mah) and by us as well. You can always see her either, singing or dancing or both. Give her a blank sheet of drawing paper and some colouring pen/paint and she will draw/paint all day long. She is definitely the artist in the family.

To me, Ee Ee will always be my little adorable Princess.


2 thoughts on “About Kimberly

  1. nicole says:

    cute kid called kimberly nice chose of name

  2. Anonymous says:

    cute girl.dont forget to support her oh so artistic character, theres art in singing and dancing and in drawing and doodling to .

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