About Kieran


Born on 25th November 2006, Kieran Chin Wei Han or affectionally known as tee-tee, is the exact opposite of his sister. He is more shall I say less refined, rough, cheeky, unpredictable, has kinda of a mean streak, very hot tempered and can’t sit still.

My wife and I are blessed to have him as our son because he makes our lives very interesting. His daily antics makes us smile and laugh and cry as well. At two years of age he sure can talk and mostly in Mandarin. I guess when kids are at that age, they tend to talk a lot and I mean a lot. Besides talking a lot, he just loves to run and run and run and run. I guess all that running has made him burn any baby fat.


One thought on “About Kieran

  1. Anonymous says:

    cute kid

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