These aren’t the droids we’re looking for..Move along, move along….

Ah…this has got to be the most famous lines uttered by an Imperial Sandtrooper in the Star Wars Episode IV – A New Hope as they approached Luke’s landspeeder with Ben Kenobi, C-3P0 and R2-D2 seeking where Luke got hold of the droids.

I must admit after collecting and still collecting action figures from the Star Wars Episode II and III and from the Clone Wars series, I felt that not having an Imperial Stormtrooper as part of my fine collection would not be complete. Nowadays it is pretty hard to find an Imperial Stromtrooper action figure but I managed to come close though – I bought an Imperial Sandtrooper that comes with a a shoulder paulderon and life support backpack that is supposed to keep them Sandtroopers comfortable in the harsh conditions only found in Tatoonie – home of Luke Skywalker.

And the best part is, both the life support back pack and the shoulder paulderon is removable and voila the Sandtrooper is transformed into a Stormtrooper – not bad eh ?

I got the 2009 Saga Legends Sandtrooper action figure from Toys R Us in Tropicana Mall in along Jalan Damansara. I was apparently there because my company had a Ramadan dinner gathering for all the staff.  Funny that whenever I attend a dinner function organized by my current employers, I always managed to fine some action figure that I like and/or been sought after.

There's nothing here to see -  move along, move along..

There's nothing here to see - move along, move along..

Check out the life support back pack...

Check out the life support back pack...

This fella comes with a holster to place his blaster..

This fella comes with a holster to place his blaster..

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The wiley old Fox…

…is finally in my possession!!!! Yep my endless quest for Star Wars action figure has led me to purchase Commander Fox from a toy shop called Toywizard Malaysia located on the 3rd floor of Amcorp Mall in Petaling Jaya. To find out more about this shop, kindly visit their website at

Commander Fox, who first appeared in the Star Wars – The Clone Wars animated movie and later in the Clone Wars Season 1 TV animated series is a clone commander of the famed Corusant Guard during the Clone Wars. Compared to Captain Rex and Commander Cody, Fox hardly gets any air time in the series which is quite sad in my opinion since he did appeared in the Clone Wars movie. Heck,  even Commander Bly and Commander Gree who never appeared in the movie gets way more air time in the animated series.

I just hope that the director of  Clone Wars Season 2 has an episode that totally focuses on Commander Fox. Which is why you can never out fox a wiley old fox…


Check out the Corusant guard deco...

Check out the Corusant guard deco...


"When will you fools learn? No one escapes from Commander Fox."

"When will you fools learn? No one escapes from Commander Fox."

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Guess what the postman delivered…..

….the Star Wars Shock Trooper and Utapau Trooper I bought from an eBay store managed by unlimited8899 !!! ( This fella has a wide range of action figures from the Star Wars and Transformers series and what I really love about this store is the very prompt delivery.  I ordered and paid for the action figures (via paypal to my credit card) on Wednesday and supposed to receive the goods on Friday but since I was at the office I requested them to deliver on Saturday, which is TODAY!!.

The two action figures are loose format pack and was packed in them small air tight plastic bag.  It was not packed together in them fancy packing done by Hasbro. I really don’t mind as I find the Hasbro packaging a bit troublesome to open.

Both action figures though not really new in my opinion but it does look and feel in very mint condition and comes with DC15 blasters. The Shock Trooper action figure and Utapau Clone Trooper costs RM30 and RM35 respectively and it’s way cheaper than what toy retail shops are charging.

The Red colour scheme of the Shock Trooper is really what impressed me the most honestly. It justs looks menacing.  As for the Utapau Clone Trooper, the weather and damage marks all over the body amour looks realistic enough.

The Shock and Utapau Clone Trooper

The Shock and Utapau Clone Trooper




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BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there it is!!!!!!!

After my boss’s birthday dinner held in Bintang Royale Hotel in Damansara, I decided to head to 1Utama shopping complex to walk off all that food and to do some window shopping (baru dapat gaji mah…hahahaha). Anyway I am never a fan of window shopping because it’s something that I don’t really enjoy doing.  I mean what’s the point of ogling at items you don’t have any intentions to buy ? Unless…. it’s a Star Wars action figures!!! hahaha…so I headed on to Toys R Us to see what new figures Hasbro has in store for me and you know what?

BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..there it is..another Star Wars action figure to add to my fine collection..hahahahaha…man being a Star Wars freak and fanatic I couldn’t resist not to snap this action figure up. I bought the ARF Trooper which I also saw at the Toy Department of Parkson Grand, Alamanda. Man, talk about coincidence!!!.





What I notice about this action figure is the articulation on both legs. Normally most Hasbro Star Wars action figure legs especially at the hip joint are fixed – meaning the movement is very restrictive. But for some reason, Hasbro decided to add extra articulation at the hips which means the entire legs – not the lower leg can pivot inwards and outwards. Also both legs can be position away and towards each other and I think it’s done for a particular reason. The ARF Trooper’s new articulation goes well with the AT-RT walker as shown below


The new articulation for this action figure is just super and I wish Hasbro would include this new articulation for all of it’s Star Wars action figures. Kudos to Hasbro..!!!!

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I heard an Echo……

On Saturday at home, I was working on some office stuff which is and will forever follow me where ever I will be.  I was working with breaks in between and hadn’t notice the clock was shown 7.00pm. So I stopped and said to myself to just continue tomorrow and decided to bring the kids plus the maid to Putrajaya Alamanda since that’s the closest shopping mall which has plenty of space for my two kids to run around.

Naturally my two kids always love to go to the Toys department of Parkson Grandson (well I love it as well) to have a look at the toys which they always want either the parents to buy for them. But this time, I decided to buy something for myself and yes it’s a Star Wars action figure to add to my fine collection. And yes you’ve guessed it, is has to be a Clone Trooper action figure from either the Star Wars Clone Wars or Star Wars Legacy Collection series.

Surprisingly the Toy department of Parkson Grand has on their display shelve, the 2009 Star Wars action figures and I was gleeming with joy as there was Clone Trooper Echo and an ARC Clone Trooper begging me to buy them.  I desparately wanted to buy both but since my wife was kinda giving me that “Aiyah…you so old and still wanna play with dolls ah!!!” look I decided to only buy Clone Trooper Echo because..

1. It comes with them binoculars attached to their helmets (which the helmet is removable)

2. It comes with them “don’t know what gun is called but it sure is big” gun

3. There’s a smear of Captain Rex’s palm print onto Echo’s body armour.





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Star Wars – The Clone Wars – Season 2

I just can’t wait for Season 2 and below is the preview. Check out that bad ass Cad Bane and the Mandolrian warrior. Both of them are just ultra cool and awesome playing the baddies.


My good friend Rofizan aka Peeps…

..sent a text message to me that in Parkson Grand, Alamanda branch had the 2009 Star Wars Legacy Collection action figures. Being a true blue Star Wars fan, Peeps bought the Sand Trooper action figure to add to his fine collection and asked me whether I would be interested in any of the action figures. Naturally I said yes and replied to him whether there is the 501st Clone Trooper as seen in the Revenge of the Sith and you know what, Peeps said “Yes got, I buy for you lah”. I was jumping for joy and after work rushed to his office in Bangi, paid him the RM39.90 and thanked him for being a nice bloke that he is.

501st Clone Trooper

501st Clone Trooper

What I truly love of this 501st Clone Trooper action figure is the addition of weathering or worn/battle damage marks especially on the helmet and on the shoulder pads as shown in the below images.





Boy oh boy, Peeps old buddy, you da da man…Thanks mate !!!

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