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I have some more…

..Star Wars action figures which I bought from ebay to add to my fine collection. Since Hasbro Malaysia been quite slow in bringing the new 2009 action figures, I’ve decided to venture into other Star Wars action figures not feature in any of the 1st trilogy movie but from the Star Wars Battlefront II game.

I bought the following: –

  1. 501st Clone Trooper Jet Pack
  2. Clone Sharpshooter Trooper (looks exactly like the Airborne Trooper minus the paint scheme)
  3. Commander Bacara (Blue colour)

Of the three I bought, I personally like the 5o1st Clone Trooper because of it’s articulation which is more than the usual action figure as shown in the below images.  The Clone Sharpshooter Trooper is basically an Airborne Trooper minus the orange stripes and deco. But since I am unable to get hold of an Airborne Trooper I will make do with this one. Now the next action figure which is Commander Bacara (in blue colour scheme) action figure is THE MOST BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT !!! His articulation is only limited to shoulders and ankles !!!!!! No articulation at the knees, wrists and elbows !!!!  WTF !!!!!!! The Commander Bacara action figure has got to be a total failure which is a shame as Hasbro has done a very good job on the helmet detailing which is very movie accurate.

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